Development Roadmap

Here's our release plan for the MeerKins app and NFTs.
Like meerkat burrows, this may end up different than we expect. That's half the fun.

Q1 2022

NFT Release - FIrst MInt
Initial minting & selling of MeerKins NFTs for exclusive access and contribution privileges.

Alpha Launch
First simple geolocation testing of app and Kin integration to provide mining privilege to first mint holders!

Q2 2022

Beta Launch
Beta version of app released and marketing begins.  Discord server active for influencing and providing artwork!

NFT Release - Second MInt
Second minting goes live for exclusive acess and contribution privileges

Q3 2022

Main Launch
MeerKins app full release based on current vision and influences from the community

NFT Release - Third MInt
Third minting when NFT lovers finally realize what they missed out on and cry.  Not a lot, just a little. 
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