Boardwalk Development Roadmap

Here's our release plan for the MeerKins app and NFTs.
Like meerkat burrows, this may end up different than we expect. That's half the fun.

February / March 2023

App Launch

The MeerKins Boardwalk app will be publicly available! The sooner you start catching MeerKins, the more rewards you can earn.

  1. Catch MeerKins in AR around your home and neighborhood (the more you catch, the more you can earn in the Boardwalk Arcade)
  2. Kin wallet features for withdrawal, deposits and possible staking
  3. Kinetic SDK upgrade
  4. Digging (mining) for Kin - NFT holders can get 2,000+ Kin in 24 hours!

Summer 2023

Boardwalk Arcade

Bring your MeerKins to enjoy themselves in an AR arcade! Play games like skeeball, basketball, classic arcade games, and more. The more you play, the more Kin you earn.

Use your earned Kin to purchase NFT prizes just like a real boardwalk arcade!

Winter 2024


The Boardwalk itself opens, modeled after the New Jersey shore boardwalks like Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Asbury Park, etc. 

AR Boardwalk Games

What's a boardwalk without boardwalk games? Test your skill (or luck) at ring toss, dart throwing, and more of the typical (ridiculously expensive) games you see at the boardwalk. Prizes will include NFTs and Kin!

NFT Art Gallery

This will be the first NFT art gallery exclusively featuring children's digital artwork (assuming no one else does it by then). Kids will be able to submit their artwork to to be hung in our beautiful gallery!  We have a vision for the proceeds from this gallery to support underprivileged children to help them go to school, eat healthy, help their families, etc.

Fall 2024 / Winter 2025

Boardwalk Expansion

New sections of the boardwalk will open. Think things like music clubs, pizzerias, NFT gift shops, the beach, and more!

There is an entire MeerKins storyline being developed to further immerse yourself into their world. Stay tuned, because this is going to be a wild ride!

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