These Kin-inspired NFTs give you exclusive contribution rights, eligibility for contests and Kin digging (mining) privileges to the upcoming MeerKins app.  

First Mint MeerKin holders will be able to dig 8 Kin every minute allowing them to make their money back in 6 months or less (if staking too)!  And you don't have to do a thing but hit a button!  

Every mint decreases the amount of Kin you can make in digging for Kin so early adopters are rewarded more!

Which brings us to... What is the MeerKins app?

This is where it gets fun.

Get your scout on.

Similar to their analog cousins, MeerKins make their homes out of sight. Unlike real meerkats, these digital mammals (not sure how that works, just go with it) want to be found.

The MeerKins app is your tool to geolocating and collecting these adorable creatures. They're spread out all over the world, so you don't have to travel to Africa to find them. Unless you want to, of course.

MeerKins NFT holders get extra perks, including being able to contribute to the app in various ways AND earn rewards once the Kin Rewards Engine is integrated.

It's an ambitious project. As far as we know, it's never been attempted. We've got a keen vision  for it and we're no strangers to the Kin ecosystem. The team behind MeerKins is the same team who's been bringing smiles to peoples' faces through Just Joking, the Kin-based social media humor app.

How It Works

Get MeerKin NFTs

Acquire MeerKin NFTs through auctions and claim your right to the MeerKins App. These are your ticket to be part of the pack.


Make your voice heard. Submit ideas & artwork, vote on features, and make your mark on the first crowdsourced Kin app.

Collect Kin Rewards

Reap the benefits of being an early adopter. MeerKin NFT holders receive exclusive privileges of mining Kin within the app as well as the ability to stake their Kin at 40%+!
Get MeerKin NFTs

Meet MeerKins

Why meerkats?

Much like MeerKin NFT holders, they're highly intelligent, work in packs, and live underground. OK... every analogy breaks down at some point. To put it simply, they're small, adorable creatures that make for great artwork.

First Mint

The first mint will consist of (35) NFTs:
- 30 For Sale
-5 For Promotional Giveaways
These first MeerKins will receive the highest Kin mining rewards out of all mints!

Second Mint

The second mint will consist of (30) NFTs:
- 25 For Sale
-5 For Promotional Giveaways
These second MeerKins will receive the second highest Kin mining rewards

Third Mint

The third mint will consist of (28) NFTs:
- 25 For Sale
-3 For Promotional Giveaways
These third MeerKins will still receive Kin mining rewards but they will be very jealous of the first two!


All MeerKins NFTs grant the holder access to and rewards from the MeerKins app.


What are we building again?

A Kin-based mobile app with a built-in rewards engine.

MeerKins & their friends are geo-collectibles of varying rarities scattered around the world. Literally. The MeerKins app is your tool to scouting, locating, and collecting MeerKins & all collectibles that partner or are created by our community.

MeerKins NFT holders have a voice in suggesting features & functionality, submitting artwork, how rewards are generated, and more.

How do I get MeerKins NFTs?

Purchase at Digital Eyes on February 16th for the first mint!

Are all the NFTs the same?

MeerKin mintings will determine the value of the MeerKin. The earlier MeerKins will provide better mining rewards as well as eary access to staking their Kin and influencing the app. In other words, DON'T WAIT!


The Kin ecosystem is growing rapidly. It's poised to be one of the biggest user-focused cryptocurrencies in existence. We're building more than apps; we're building groups of people to take advantage of the rising tide.

Also, it's never been done before and we're an ambitious bunch.

How many NFTs are there?

First MInt - 32 (25 for sale and 7 for promotional giveaways)
Second Mint - 30 (25 for sale and 5 for promotional giveaways)
Third Mint - 28 (25 for sale and 3 for promotional giveaways)

How do rewards work?

Our rewards are two-fold. First as an NFT holder you will have exclusive privilege to mine Kin from the app. Only NFT holders will be able to do this. Second, you will be able to stake your Kin. Also something available only to NFT holders.

Please keep in mind that rewards can and will change as time moves on. We are working on a mining plan similar to that of the Pi currency and will release it when ready.


Drop us a line. We're all ears. And that's not just a meerkat pun.
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